Things I’m Leaving In 2016


Happy 2017! I’m so excited to see what this year holds! Today I want to share a few things that I’m leaving in 2016…here we go!


Last month I deleted my Twitter account, and I don’t regret anything! I used Twitter for over three years, and it just wasn’t fun anymore. I think the past election season is what made me decide it was time to go. It’s disappointing to see people you think highly of, attack other people for their political views. See ya Twitter!

Device Dependency

I love technology and I love social media, but sometimes I feel like I’m too attached to my devices. This year, I want to put my phone down more often. I encourage you to challenge yourself, and do the same!


I’ve mentioned my struggle with perfectionism before, but I’ve had enough. There’s nothing fun about perfectionism, and I am determined to give it up this year. I’m hoping that I will be able to find a happy medium between being detailed oriented, and flat out obsessed.

What are you leaving in 2016?

Let’s have a great year!

– Lindsey


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