My Favorite Instagram Accounts


There are so many social networks these days, but Instagram has always been my favorite (follow me here). Today I thought I would round up my favorite Instagram accounts, and share them with you!

The Home Edit


If organizing everything you own brings you joy, then you MUST follow this account! The way that Clea and Joanna label pantry canisters, and organize linen closets brings me SO much joy!

Lilly Pulitzer

2017-01-18 (1).png

Lilly Pulitzer is my favorite brand, so it’s a no-brainer that their Instagram account is one of my favorites. I love how their posts make my feed so bright and colorful!

Made For Retail

2017-01-18 (5).png

This account is a new discovery for me! You know all of the super cute stuff from the Dollar Spot at Target? It’s made by a brand called Made For Retail. They launched their account during the holidays, and I’ve been OBSESSED with it.

Pumpkin The Racoon

2017-01-18 (2).png

I love animals- especially the furry ones. I stumbled upon Pumpkin The Raccoon on my recommended users page, and I’ve kind of fallen in love with this raccoon. Pumpkin is a rescue, and he is the quirkiest thing you’ve ever seen!

Alicia Under Water

2017-01-18 (3).png

The ocean never seizes to amaze me. I would love to go underwater and explore. I think Alicia’s feed is so breathtaking! She posts the most amazing pictures of the sea creatures she encounters. I’m so jealous!

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts?

See you next time!

– Lindsey


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