Thoughts On Christianity


Hey Guys! This post was originally going to be a list of my favorite worship songs, but somehow it developed into my thoughts on Christianity.


I’ve grown up in a Christian home. My Dad is a minister, and my Grandpa was a pastor. I’m so grateful for my upbringing, and I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up any other way. However, I’ve struggled to find the balance between “perfect Christian” and “realistic Christian.”

Growing up in church, I’ve met some -how can I say this nicely- very dedicated Christians. I’m sure you know a couple of people like this. The only t-shirts they own have Bible verses printed on them, they only watch religious TV channels, and they hang up “Happy Birthday Jesus” banners on Christmas. These people mean well, but to an 18 year old, they come across very rigid.

I think that social media has developed a different breed of Christian. You definitely know someone like this. This person will post a picture of soup on Instagram, and their caption will be a Bible verse. Or, they only post religious things. Like a picture of their Bible, or a religious book they’re reading, or picture of the crowd at their weekly church service. If I’m being completely honest here, I think that is so FAKE.

These people mean well, and who am I to say how a Christian should and shouldn’t act. But there are times that I struggle to find my place. People that know of my upbringing expect me to be the holiest chick around. But I’m here to tell you that perfect Christians don’t exist. I never want to become that person who tries to make soup a religious thing on Instagram, all while I wear my t-shirt with the Bible verse on it. So I often wonder,”how can I be in a relationship with Jesus, but stay true to myself?” I think the answer to that is really simple. Jesus wants you to come to Him just as you are. He wants you to be authentic. He’ll take it from there.

See you on Friday,



4 thoughts on “Thoughts On Christianity

  1. Thank you for such an honest note. Being authentic is really about being honest in our walk with the Lord. Be authentic is also about being perfectly imperfect. It’s the very reason we need God’s grace. I really do appreciate how well you expressed your thoughts on this very important topic. Keep up your writing, you’re a very good communicator.


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