My Favorite Pins: Projects



I’ve been looking forward to this installment of the “My Favorite Pins” series for a long time! Something you may or may not know about me is that I love craft projects. I love creating things, and I love making things with my own hands.

My “Projects” board is one of my favorite Pinterest boards. It houses so many fun projects I hope to make one day! As you’ll see, most of these projects have a recurring theme: Lilly Pulitzer and monograms. Sorry not sorry! Today, in no particular order, I wanted to share 10 of my favorite crafty pins:



I get my love for baskets from my Mom. The neon pom-poms are a super fun touch!



I’ve mentioned before that I love turban headbands. I definitely need to find a way to rock them! (especially these Lilly Pulitzer headbands!)



This is one of those “if I ever find a vintage kaftan, this is what I’ll do to it” type of projects



I love how bright pom-poms can add so much life to a black and white photo!



I think the world is pretty divided about scrunchies. Some people think they’re great, but some people think they need to stay in the 90’s where they belong. I truly don’t know if I have ever experienced a scrunchie. I love these Lilly scrunchies, and if it looks silly in my hair, it will look great on my wrist!



Another Lilly project! I’ve always thought these bow bracelets were so cute! A few years ago I made one, but it looked pretty amateur. I’m ready for a do over!



You don’t hear too much about TOMS anymore, but I still like them! I’ve never excelled in the painting department, but I would still like to give these monogrammed TOMS a try!



I attempted to make a sewn kimono a couple of months ago, but it was a disaster! It resembled something a hospital would give you before you get an x-ray. I think my fabric was too stiff, and truthfully, the tutorial wasn’t that great either. I would like to attempt a kimono again, but a no-sew version instead. I really like this tutorial, and I’m thinking about buying some silky Lilly Pulitzer fabric just for this project. We’ll see!



Something that I know I’m getting for my birthday this month is a necklace stamping kit. I’m so excited! I want to stamp things like my name and my initials, but I also want to stamp some fun words and phrases!



How cute is this monogrammed leather wrap bracelet? This project is already in the works! I plan on posting a tutorial, so stay tuned!


(Bonus Pin!)


I came across these pin cushion “bracelets” while browsing on Poshmark (a shopping app), and I thought they were so cute. But a few days later when I kept losing my sewing needle, I realized I need something like this! I love that they’re made from Lilly Pulitzer fabric scraps, and no-crease elastic. Both are things I have on hand!

Which pin was your favorite?

To see some more crafty pins, visit my Pinterest board here.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for a new book review!

– Lindsey


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