What I Read: Yellow Owl Workshop’s Make It Yours



Happy Wednesday!

I recently read a crafty book called Yellow Owl’s Workshop Make It Yours by Christine Schmidt. The idea behind Make It Yours is to teach readers how to add a personal touch to items around your home by creating prints, stamps, stencils, and dye techniques. Truthfully, I have mixed feelings about this book.

I’m a crafty person, but I have no experience with stencils and fabric dye. I was looking forward to learning about an area of the craft world that I’m not familiar with. I really enjoyed learning about Shibori dye. You’ve probably seen the word on the internet lately, but like me, you didn’t know what it was. From what I gathered, Shibori dye is a cross between origami and tie-dye. If I was to try any of the projects in Make It Yours, I would give Shibori dye a try. The end result is pretty cool!

The rest of the book kind of made me scratch my head. A lot of the projects just weren’t my taste. But that’s okay! I will say that some of the projects in Make It Yours have an excessive supply list. For example, an abstract painted silk scarf requires four different brushes. While a cork wall requires 26 different supplies, as well as your desired amount of cork tiles. As I finished this book, I came to the conclusion that creating your own prints and patterns is the type of craft that you have to be 100% dedicated to. I don’t think this is the type of project you bring out every once in a while, or when you don’t have plans on a random Saturday.

However, if you’ve always wanted to create your own prints and patterns, you will enjoy this book.

See you on Friday!

– Lindsey

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. However, my opinions of this book are my own!


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