What I Made: Fiesta Necklaces


Happy Thursday!

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m that person that constantly says “I could make that!” The first time fiesta necklaces popped up in my Pinterest feed, I knew I wanted some. But when I saw that they were $18 a piece, I knew I wanted to make some.

So what are fiesta necklaces?

As you can see, they’re basically strands of seed beads and tassels.



The idea is to wear multiple strands at a time, which creates a super fun look!


My goal was to make five necklaces.


– 2mm Mixed Color Seed Beads (these beads are super tiny, so don’t underestimate how many beads you will need!)


– 2mm Gold Seed Beads (I only used a handful of gold beads for each necklace)


– Tassels (Although I enjoy making tassels, sometimes it’s nice to have things already made for you. I ordered my tassels online.)


– Fishing Line (I raided my Dad’s stash!)

– Sewing Needle (don’t worry, no sewing involved!)

– Thread that matches your tassels (don’t stress over this, your thread doesn’t need to be an exact match)


Let’s make some necklaces!

To make a necklace 12 inches in length, I cut a piece of fishing line about 28 inches long. I really only needed 24 inches, but I wanted some extra length to work with. I taped one end of my fishing line onto a tray with some washi tape, and then I started to string my beads.

I would use six or seven random colors then one gold bead, another six or seven random colors then two gold beads.


I repeated this process until I felt like I had enough beads. After taping the remaining fishing line to the tray, I started to attach the tassels.


I mapped out where I wanted my tassels to be, but this is totally optional. You can wing it if you want!

I simply cut a piece of thread, and using my needle, I threaded it through the top of the tassel. Like the fishing line, cut more thread than you need. It’s so much easier that way!




Now I simply spread the beads apart where I want to attach my tassel, and tie it directly onto the fishing line. I tied three knots.



You can just cut the remaining thread and call it done, but if you want to hide the remaining thread, this is what you do:

Thread the remaining string through your needle (this is why we cut more thread than we need!)


Now push your needle through the top of your tassel until you can pull the needle out from the bottom




Trim, and you’re done!


Now repeat this process until you have your desired amount of tassels attached to your necklace.

Tie a secure knot, and you’re done! I had my Dad tie my knots for me. He’s a fisherman, so I asked him to do a “sporty fishing knot”. Somehow he knew what I meant!

I really love how they turned out! I think they’re super fun! For $6.54 I was able to make four necklaces (one isn’t pictured), and one bracelet.



The original source for Fiesta Necklaces is charging $18 for one necklace, but my necklaces cost roughly $1.64 a piece. I call that a deal!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

– Lindsey


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