What I Made: Monogrammed Leather Wrap Bracelet


Happy Wednesday!

I’m so excited for today’s tutorial!

love wearing monograms, but I hate the price tag attached to them. If I had a monogramming machine, oh boy…everything I own would have a monogram on it! While browsing on MarleyLilly (a popular monogrammed gift shop), I stumbled upon this leather wrap bracelet:


(navy is currently sold out)

One of my favorite bracelets is a Tory Burch wrap bracelet, so I knew I wanted to add a monogrammed wrap bracelet to my collection. But the $34.99 price tag was a major turn off. So I set off to make my own!

I found the exact same bracelet with a blank disk on AliExpress for $2.36


Quick side note: In the description for this bracelet on MarleyLilly, they claim that this bracelet is exclusively available at MarleyLilly, and that they custom designed these. Don’t believe everything you read!

If you’ve never bought anything from AliExpress, or another wholesale distributor, there are a few things you should know:

– Shipping can range from 2-4 weeks. Yes, that’s super slow. Especially when we live in the land of free two-day shipping, but trust me, it’s worth it!

– Your tracking number probably won’t work, or will stop tracking at some point during transit

– Packages normally come in the tiniest plastic mailer you’ve ever seen. You’ll wonder how your package didn’t get lost along the way!

– Sometimes packages do get lost. However, most sellers are really cool about it, and will send you a replacement.

– If you can, order through the AliExpress app. Prices are usually cheaper!

Okay, back to the tutorial!

I ordered my bracelet in navy, but there are 16 different colors to choose from. The discs come in silver and gold.

12 days later, my bracelet was in my mailbox. The disc on my bracelet has a couple of imperfections, but it doesn’t bother me. Now it’s monogram time! The monogram on MarleyLilly’s version is engraved, which I’ll admit, is really nice. However, I knew I would be just as happy with a vinyl monogram.

A one-inch decal is going to be too big, and a half-inch decal is going to be a little small. But, unless you have the capabilities to make your own decal, you’re going to have to settle for the half-inch decal. I ordered my decal from an Etsy seller named IMadeIt3.


The decal I ordered comes in 51 colors. I knew I wanted a navy decal to match the band of my bracelet. She offers three navy options: Steel Blue, Traffic Blue, and Dark Blue. I’m really not sure what Traffic Blue is supposed to look like, but it definitely wasn’t the right shade of blue. I had the hardest time choosing between Steel Blue and Dark Blue, but I eventually chose Dark Blue.

Including shipping, the decal was only $2. The application process was super easy, and I think the decal looks just as nice as the engraved version from MarleyLilly.

Here’s the final result:


(please excuse the reflection!)

My version of the monogrammed leather wrap bracelet only cost me $4.36, compared to MarleyLilly’s $34 version. That’s a savings of $29.64!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Come back next week, we’ll be making a monogrammed necklace! (p.s. it has a tassel!)

– Lindsey


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