My Etsy Wishlist


Whenever I’m in a craft funk, I like to browse on Etsy for some inspiration. I usually end up finding a lot of things that I love, but don’t have the equipment to make them with. Today I want to share a few things from my Etsy wishlist, aka things I can’t make myself…

I love a good denim shirt, but a monogrammed denim shirt. Oh my goodness. I need one!


via Palmer Tees on Etsy

I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared this before, but I have zero athletic talent. I literally run like a blind bear. Even though I have no use for them, I love tennis shoes. Because of that, I think these planner stickers are so cute!


They come from an Etsy shop called ThePreppyPlanner

I also love these stickers from ThePreppyPlanner:

How cute are those lobsters?!

Everyone needs some tassels in their life!

While we’re on the topic of stickers, I love this Lilly Pulitzer inspired name decal.

via Sororiity Siisters on Etsy

I love monograms, but I’ve never thought about putting my actual name on something. It kind of seems like a no brainer!

Everyone needs a monogrammed t-shirt. I love this one from an Etsy shop called ElleQDesigns:

I own the long-sleeved version of this shirt, and I love it! I think it’s time to add the short-sleeved version to my wardrobe! Plus, with countless color combinations, how can you go wrong? BTW: the two ladies who run ElleQDesigns are super nice!

The final item on my Etsy wishlist is a set of six pencils, engraved with quotes from Legally Blonde. They are seriously so cute!

the brilliant blonde assorted engraved pencil set 6 hot pink pencils. Back to school

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

See you on Wednesday,

– Lindsey


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