2017 Pool Float Guide


It’s the first day of summer!

When I think of summer, I think of swimming. And when I think of swimming, I think of pool floats! I love pool floats, and today I want to celebrate the first day of summer by sharing my ultimate pool float guide!

If you’re an intertube gal:

Float Naked has the prettiest intertubes! My personal favorite is the BHH Float (pictured above)

If you want to make a statement:


How many people can say they’ve swam with a parrot?

Or a toucan?


If you love to lay out in the sun:


This one is my favorite!

If you’re secretly a mermaid:

Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Float


If you’re ready to upgrade your white swan:


If you’re as unique as a peacock:


If you’re stuck in the kiddy pool this summer:

Try drink floats! These are a couple of my favorites:


Otter Drink Holder Pool Float Set - Urban Outfitters

(currently sold out at Urban Outfitters)

Which pool float was your favorite?

See you on Friday!

– Lindsey


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