A Year Of Blogging!


A year ago today, I published my first blog post on The Lindsey Vibe! I’m so proud of how far this blog has come, and how much it has grown. I never imagined that I would publish blog posts that are being read in 30 different countries!

I’ve learned so much throughout the last year, and today I want to pass along a few things that have helped this blog become what it is today…click below to keep reading!

Blog Because You Want To

I originally started blogging so that I could pursue my passion for writing. Now I’m passionate about blogging! I think a lot of people fail at blogging because they really aren’t passionate about the content they publish. It’s kind of like someone who hates subs, owning a Subway franchise. Or like someone who’s allergic to french fries, owning a McDonald’s franchise. It just won’t work.

Do It Your Own Way

Please promise me that you will not fall into the trap of Pinterest blogging tutorials. When I first started this blog, I had a Pinterest board full of pins that were supposed to teach me how to be the most successful blogger in the universe. Instead of teaching me how to run a successful blog, they made me feel like I wasn’t cut out for this. Every blog is different, and everyone’s audience is different. It’s your blog, run it the way you want to!

Create A Blogging Schedule

Preferably one that works for you! When I first started blogging, I struggled with consistency. My blogging schedule (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) keeps me accountable! Sometimes I miss a couple of days, but that’s okay. I’m never going to force myself to post something just because it’s a blogging day. Just the other night, I worked on a blog post for about an hour. It had pictures, links, and a cute header. I scheduled it for the next morning, and put my laptop away. Later that night, I’m laying in bed thinking about how I really don’t like the post I just spent an hour on. I deleted it on the spot. I would rather waste an hour of my time, than post something that I’m not genuinely passionate and excited about.

Use Free Stock Photos

I love using free stock photos for my headers. Some people think that you should never use free stock photos because other people might use that picture too. Doesn’t the very thought of that make you CRINGE? Me either. FYI, the people telling you to avoid free images like the plague, are usually the same ones that sell individual images for $65. Now that makes me cringe!

These are two of my favorite sources for free stock photos:

Haute Chocolate (free monthly images by email)

Ivory Mix (enter your email, and gain access to over 300 images + new images every month)

Try googling “free feminine stock photo sources.” There are so many sources out there. I recommend signing up for a bunch of newsletters that send out free images every month. Sometimes the pictures are great, and sometimes they’re not so great. Eventually you’ll have a folder on your computer full of stock images that you got for free!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I appreciate it more than you know!

Let’s have another great year!

– Lindsey


5 thoughts on “A Year Of Blogging!

  1. Hi Lindsey,
    Happy blogversary. I am coming up on three years anniversary of blogging this November. It is quite a ride, believe me.
    You and I are like-minded bloggers. I blog about blogging also.
    I blog over at http://mostblogging.com. Maybe you can check out my blogging tips site. I also host six blog parties a month or you could meet new readers.


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