let’s catch up | life + college + blogging

Happy Monday!

It’s been forever since you last heard from me, so let’s catch up!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the direction I want to take this blog. Let’s face it, the internet doesn’t need another blog that posts sponsored toothpaste reviews every week. For a while I thought I wanted to go down the sponsored influencer lane, but it just didn’t feel genuine. I experienced this last spring when Warby Parker reached out, and asked me to write a post about their new collection of frames. Looking back, I’m not really sure why they contacted me, considering that I don’t even wear prescription glasses. I wrote the post anyway, but I was never happy with it. I didn’t like the idea of pushing a product to my readers just for the sake of having a sponsored post on my blog.

Since you last heard from me, I fell into a major blogging funk. I didn’t want to delete my blog, but I had no idea what to post anymore. I knew inspiration would eventually strike, so I worked on redesigning The Lindsey Vibe while I waited on that “aha” moment.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, when I came home from work to find a fancy magazine waiting on me. My Mom is seriously the sweetest person ever. She saw this magazine about blogging, and thought I might like it. It’s called Belong, and I love it. It’s all about blogging, community, and inspiring women to use their passion for a purpose. If you’re a blogger, you need to check this magazine out! (you can download every issue for free on their website!) When I read their mission statement:

In all that we do, we desire for women to use their passions for a purpose, to inspire women to be authentic, to be life-giving and to encourage one another. We want women to know that they are enough, that they matter and that they have a place. They belong.

…I knew that I wanted to use my blog to make a difference. I want The Lindsey Vibe to be an authentic place for girls like me who are fun and happy, but a little lonely too. I know I can’t be the only person out there trying to find their flock! The Lindsey Vibe has always been a happy place, but now it’s going to be a genuine place too. I think we’re all a little tired of “perfect” people posting “perfect” things on the internet. It’s time to be real for a change.


When you work with kids, some days are easier than others. But I love my job, and I love my kids-even the ones that give me grief from time to time! So far, the school year has been going really good. A few of my kids have had a lot more homework this year, but it feels really good when I get to help them with something they’re struggling with. Most of my kids are still really interested in art (yay!), which means lots of coloring and art projects (double yay!) I’m not sure how, but I think I’ve made a difference in their lives-which is exactly why I want to be a teacher.


This semester has been a dragggggg. I think the classes I chose might be interesting on their own, but taking them all together was not my best decision. I’ve been having a lot of “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” moments this semester. For example, I want my classes to be easy, but still interesting. Or, I want my classes to be challenging, but not crying into my textbook hard. I know, first-world problems! At least winter break is right around the corner!

I’m so happy to be back in the blogging game! I have so many posts in the works, so stay tuned!

See ya next time!



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