last week | halloween costume, class party & more!

Happy Monday-night!

The weekend is over…bummer! I wanted to pop in and tell you all about my week, and my goals for this week!

Last week had a rough start. From a professor accusing me of plagiarism, to a rough day at work, Monday just wasn’t my day! I struggle sometimes with being so emotionally invested in my job. I love my job, but when a kid half my age is nearly driving me to tears, I have to remind myself to take a step back. Tuesday was our Fall class party, and after weeks of planning and anticipation, nobody was going to ruin our fun! We were allowed to wear Halloween t-shirts instead of our normal uniforms on Tuesday, so I wore this super cute tee from Old Navy:

(buy here)

I paired it with orange Crown & Ivy shorts, and leopard cat ears from Target…


…somebody did not want their picture taken!

Our party was super fun! We colored a giant pumpkin coloring page, danced to the Kidz Bop greatest hits CD, and so much more. To finish our party, everyone went home with a fun Halloween goody bag.

Wednesday was the big day…Halloween! My kids had been asking me what my costume was going to be for weeks. I refused to tell them…which drove them crazy! I was so excited to greet them at the bus dressed up as a PUMPKIN! 


A little girl told me I looked like I carved myself…I told her that would have hurt!

The rest of the week went by pretty quickly. I felt like we needed a break from pumpkin crafts, so on Thursday I brought out our box of beads and string – which is always a favorite! Fridays are always game day in my classroom, and my kids look forward to it every week. I let them pick out the games, and they can use our art cart to make whatever they want. The best part about game days are the dance parties…and yes, we use our faithful Kidz Bop greatest hits CD.

Was it just me, or did the weekend fly by? My Mom and I had a super fun shopping day on Saturday. I had my first gingerbread latte of the season, and it was soooo good! Does anyone else’s Target only have one person working at Starbucks? So crazy! I know, I know, first world problems!

This week’s goals:

  • order craft supplies
  • work ahead on school assignments
  • finish reading We Should Hangout Sometime by Josh Sundquist
  • start reading A New Model by Ashley Graham
  • finish making decorations for a special birthday coming up
  • plan Thanksgiving activities for work
  • write a bunch of blog posts

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below!

See ya next time!



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