let’s catch up | flamingos and more!

Hey Y’all!

It’s been almost a month since you last heard from me, and I’m back with a life update!

After what seemed like weeks and weeks of work, I’m finally on winter break (hallelujah!) Although I’ve enjoyed being away from my laptop, I have so many ideas for upcoming posts, so I knew I needed to get to work!

What I’ve Been Up To:


I made this pom-pom wreath for a whopping $4! I was inspired by this one from Target, but I ended up going in a totally different direction. It was super easy to make, but very time-consuming!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My family visited the Everglades Wonder Gardens, and had the best day ever! We fed flamingos and peacocks by hand, and it was the most amazing experience! (You have to watch this video of me feeding a flamingo!) If you’re ever in Southwest Florida, you need to visit the Wonder Gardens!


I’ve been sleighin’ it


Horatio (my car) has been spreading Christmas cheer on my absolutely draining 3 mile commute with this magnet from All She Wrote Notes. If you’ve never checked out this shop, you need to ASAP!

Speaking of Christmas cheer…


GO JESUS! IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! (tee from Oliver & Otis)


Life is very good!

Thanks for catching up with me! Christmas time is almost here, and I hope you’re all as excited as I am!

See ya next time!



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