my favorite Christmas movie quotes | blogmas 2018

Happy Monday!

I’m hard at work creating content for 2019 (stay tuned!), but I couldn’t let the Christmas season pass without participating in Blogmas! Today I’m sharing just a few of my favorite Christmas movie quotes…enjoy!

Reason To Use It Today:When you go to the mall and Santa is there.

Reason To Use It Today:When people are obviously talking about you and you want them to know that you can hear them.

Christmas Home Tour | awesome quote!


Reason To Use It Today:When the loan company calls and you just want to f*ck with 'em because f*ck them.

Most likely you're not a green, hairy, Christmas-hating beast. But there's something about the Grinch that you find relatable.

Reason To Use It Today:If you ever do something terrible, it should be followed up with "and crammed eleven cookies into the VCR" to ease the tension.

Christmas vacation wood sign Christmas vacation home decor


Reason To Use It Today:When you're clearly losing a debate/argument and can't think of anything better to say.

Reason To Use It Today:You should do this when you're the only one in an elevator and someone comes in at the last second to ruin that alone time.

Christmas Vacation Christmas Card - No. 3 - Christmas Card – Snow And Company


Make sure you come back on Wednesday for a list of corny Christmas jokes!



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