my favorite products: 2018

Favorite Products 2018

Happy New Year’s Eve!

I’m so excited for the new year, but I can’t say goodbye to 2018 without sharing my favorite products of the year!

Vanilla Latte ChapStick 

If you’re a ChapStick fan like me, then you need to find this flavor! It’s so so good!

Cheeseburgers With All The Fixings

Here’s a fun fact about me: up until this year, I had always ordered cheeseburgers plain. Like, for years. I’m not really sure why, but for some reason I had been avoiding burger toppings like the plague. Fast forward to 2018 when my McDonald’s order was messed up, and my burger wasn’t plain. That was the day when I realized how delicious cheeseburgers WITH toppings are! My life is forever changed!

Vionic Footwear

I have super flat feet, and I have a lot of foot pain when I wear shoes that have no support. This year my Mom and I found a pair of Vionic slippers and flip-flops at two of our local thrift stores…score! If you have foot pain, Vionic shoes are a game changer!

Reading Glasses & Computer Glasses

I have great vision, but I’ve been having some issues with eye strain this year. When I’m using a device like my laptop or phone, I wear computer glasses. Mine are from Amazon, and they have been awesome at preventing headaches. I recently started wearing reading glasses when I read, and they have made a world of difference!

Pom-Pom Makers

2018 has been my craftiest year yet! I’ve used pom-pom makers for so many projects, and they are one of my favorite craft supplies. You can buy the name brand pom-pom makers by Clover, but I use these from AliExpress.

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Butter Masque

I love Not Your Mother’s “Beach Babe” hair care line, but this year I tried their new butter masque, and it’s awesome! If you do a lot of damage to your hair, you need to give this product a try!

Roku Streaming Stick+

I’m not a big cable TV person, so I bought myself a Roku Streaming Stick this year, and I love it! I can watch all of the Miami Vice and The Office my heart desires!

Gilligan & O’Malley Furry Slippers

These slippers were a Christmas gift, and they are amazing! I’m wearing them right now, and they just might be the furriest, fluffiest, slippers ever!

Vicks VapoInhaler

Allergy sufferers rejoice! This little stick has given me so much relief from all of my sinus troubles this year!

L’Oreal Paradise Enchanted Eye Shadow Palette

This eye shadow palette has become my go to palette! I love all of the warm shades, and they’re fruit scented!

Jane Davenport “Magic Wand” Colored Pencils

This year I treated myself to some fancy colored pencils from Michael’s called “Magic Wands” by Jane Davenport. They have the cutest names like “flamingo” and “70’s eye shadow”. They were a little bit of a splurge, but I’m pretty sure I would buy them again!

X-ACTO SchoolPro Electric Pencil Sharpener

Speaking of colored pencils, my parents found a super nice pencil sharpener at a thrift store this year, and it has forever changed my sharpening game! If you’re a coloring fanatic like me, you need to give this pencil sharpener a try!

Hickies Shoe Laces

If you hate tying your shoes, then you should give Hickies a try! These laces easily turn your shoes into slip-ons, and who doesn’t want that? Hickies are the name brand, but I bought these similar ones on AliExpress.

Mollie Makes Magazine

I used my $10 gift card for getting a flu shot at Publix very responsibly this year…I spent it on a craft magazine! Mollie Makes is a super fun craft magazine from the UK, and each issue comes with a craft kit…how cute is that?! I bought a subscription, and I’m so excited to read more issues in 2019!

I hope you all had an AMAZING year!

See ya next year!





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